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Englischsprachiger Arbeitsvertrag nach Schweizer Recht




(Herein after called „Employer“)


Mr. X

(Herein after called “Employee”)

The following employment contract will be agreed upon:

1. Start of Contract

This Employment contract will begin as of January 1st, 2009 and will be issued indefinitely. Other, previously agreed contracts will be replaced with this new employment contract.

2. Probation and Notice period

There will be no probation time. This contract is subject to a 3 months’ notice, to the End of each month. The length of employment has no influence on the terms for notice.

3. Function and Working platform

The employee will be entrusted with the daily trading work according to the employer’s business model. Under no circumstances, the employee is allowed to use any other or own ideas to perform the daily trading work for clients of the employer. A copy of the Business model “System Strategy” issued by the employer has to be signed and returned to the employer as well as followed at any time and with a complete, strict commitment. For own clients, the employee may trade with the “System Strategy” or with own ideas.

It is essential, that the employee will put his entire working time and skill in favor of the employer.

The working platform will be granted with a computer access to our network.

4. Working Hours

The employee will work 5 days a week. The amount of hours per day is subject to the Foreign Exchange Market. In order to reach a turnover target of 1 Billion per bank a day, the necessary working hours need to be committed.

5. Salary payment

The employee will receive a fixed salary of US$ XXX net per month (12 x US$ XXX per year). The monthly salary will be paid by the 1st of the month for the following month (advance payment) onto a bank- or other financial institution account. All necessary taxes on that income/salary are the employee’s responsibility.

6. Expenses

Extraordinary and approved expenses will be reimbursed upon filing an expense report together with the appropriate receipts.

7. Prevented Work Attendance

If the employee is not able to attend work, he has to inform the employer immediately. Due to sickness or accident, the employee has to provide a doctor’s certificate from the 4th day of prevented work attendance. During the entire time of employment, the salary payment will continue for 1 month.

8. Employee’s duty of good faith & company/trade secret

The employee commits himself to always protect the interest of the employer with great care. No enticement at any time is allowed. He commits himself to retain absolute silence in terms of business procedures which has been made aware, indifferently in which way it became part of his know how. The company/trade secrecy will last on even after termination of this employment. All documents (original, copies, etc.) used and handed out during the employment are sole property of the employer and are absolutely confidential. They need to be returned when the contract will be terminated.

The criminal consequences according to art 162 of the criminal code of Switzerland are known.

9. Vacation

The employee has the right to 6 weeks of vacation. The time of taking the vacation needs to be agreed with the employer.

10. Final clause

Change or additions to this contract need to be agreed upon in written form. Additionally, the rules and obligation are to be followed by the Swiss Code of Obligations.

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