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Details II

                        INFORMATION TO BE PROVIDED FOR INCORPORATION<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

                                     OF A SARL WITH CONTRIBUTION IN CASH


N.B.:   This list also applies to the incorporation of an EURL (Entreprise Unipersonnelle à Responsabilité Limitée) which requires only one shareholder.

1.         As to the company:

-           Company name (NB: it is preferable to check if the name is free for use in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />France)

-           Registered office address

            .           free domiciliation (certificates of exclusive enjoyment),


            .           paid domiciliation (lease).

-           Company's purpose

i.e. FF. 50,000)

-           Nominal value of shares

-           Address of the bank where the funds are deposited

-           Opening and closing dates of the financial year in the case where actions are accomplished before signature of the articles of incorporation:

            brief...cription of the said actions and indication of the amount resulting for each of them.

-           where actions have to be accomplished between signature of the articles of incorporation and registration of the company in the Trade register:

            brief...cription of the said actions and indication of the amount resulting for each of them.

2.         As to the shareholders:

-           Shareholders of the company (at least one shareholder, maximum 50):

            .           if shareholder is a legal entity: company name, registered office, registered capital, form of the company (public company, limited liability company, etc..), name of legal representative authorized to sign,

            .           if shareholder is an individual entity: first name, family name, nationality, address, date and place of birth.

-           Number of shares subscribed for each shareholder

-           Manager(s) [gérant(s)] of the company: first name, family name, nationality, address, date and place of birth

            NB: Manager is not necessarily a shareholder

            Documents to be provided by manager(s):

                        .           copy of birth certificate and copy of identity card or Kbis extract issued within the last three months

                        .           if manager is a non EEC national, residence permit is required,

                        .           if manager is a non EEC national, copy of business permit (carte de commerçant étranger) is required except if the manager to be holds a residence permit which is not temporary.

-           Internal limitation of manager's powers: no or yes. If yes, which?

-           Manager's term of office (1 year is preferable)

-           Auditors:

            Obligatory if at the closing date of a financial year, the SARL passes beyond two of the three following limits:

            .           average number of 50 employees,

            Information required:

            .           identity of titular auditor,

            .           identity of substitute auditor.

-           if auditor is a legal entity:

            .           address or registered office and Trade register registration number as well the identity of the auditor who audits the company

-           If auditor is an individual entity:

            .           address, date and place of birth

-           Documents we need for purposes of registering the company in the Trade register:

            .           if a lease has been signed: one original copy of the lease,

            .           two original copies of the certificate of deposit of funds issued by the bank,

            .           copy of the identity card or passport of the manager(s).

-           Documents to be drawn up:

            .           incorporation documents comprising: the articles of incorporation, auditors (if needed), the list of actions accomplished on behalf of the company being incorporated (e.g. opening of bank account, signing of service contracts inherent in starting the company's business, etc....),

            .           the minutes of decisions of the first General Meeting which appoints the manager and, if necessary, the auditors,

            .           certificates indicating that manager(s) have not been previously convicted,

            .           an authorization from the manager(s) enabling us to register the company.

*          *


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