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a general survey on the formalities, the amount of time and the costs

1. Introduction

The usually preferred legal entity in the Netherlands is the besloten vennootschap

2.   Incorporation procedure

Notarial deed

A B.V. can be incorporated by a single person or an entity. The incorporation occurs through the execution before a Dutch civil law notary of a Notarial Deed of Incorporation. The deed contains in any event the company´s Articles of Association, details of the shares issued at incorporation, details on the incorporator(s)/ shareholder(s), the appointment of the first (board of) Managing Director(s), (as the case may be) Supervisory Directors and the determination of the first financial period of the company.

Certificate of no-objection

Payment on shares

The share capital of a B.V. must be expressed in Dutch guilders (and after the 1st of January 2002 in euro). The minimum paid-up share capital prescribed by law is Dfl 40,000. After the 1st of January 2002 the minimum share capital is 18,000 euro. The issued and paid-up share capital must be at least 20% of the authorised share capital. Therefore, the maximum authorised share capital is Dfl 200,000 if the company is capitalised with the minimum paid-up share capital of Dfl 40,000 and 90,000 euro if the capital is capitalised in euro.

The shares issued on incorporation can also be paid-up by a contribution in kind. For the contribution in kind to be valid, the incorporators must make a...cription of the assets to be contributed and mention the value. An auditor has to issue a statement certifying that the value of the contributed assets is at least equal to the amount (in cash) to be paid-up on the shares.


The civil law notary will register the B.V. in the Trade Register and file an officially certified copy of the Deed of incorporation (including attachments) at the office of the Trade Register.

3.   Time and costs


The necessary time for drafting the Deed of incorporation depends on the incorporator(s), but can be done within one to two weeks. This period is calculated from the day all necessary data have been obtained by us. These data include:

- name and corporate seat of the B.V.;

- objects;

- financial year;

- authorised and paid-up share capital;

- name of the incorporator (if the incorporator is a (foreign) company: exact name, corporate seat, copy of the most recent annual accounts, and a letter from its bank that the company is of good financial standing);

- full names, place and date of birth, nationality, private address and letter from bank as above of all managing directors and supervisory directors.

It takes the Ministry of Justice about 3 weeks to issue the Certificate of no-objection. According to the law the Deed of incorporation must be executed within 3 months after the issue of the Certificate of no-objection. The payment (in cash or in kind) of the paid-up shares must take place no longer than 5 months prior to the date of incorporation.


The costs of the formation of a plain B.V. (including the fee of the Trade Register, the Certificate of no-objection, the Tax on capital and the civil law notary fee) are generally between Dfl. 5,000 and Dfl. 7,500. Please note that these costs are based on a normal incorporation with no complications. The paid-up share capital of Dfl. 40,000 is not included in the costs of formation. As yearly maintenance expenses an amount of Dfl. 340,14 has to be paid to the Trade Register (provided that the capital of the company is not higher than Dfl 5 million).

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