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The undersigned


residing in




declare(s) that by these presents he(it) grants to (3) OBLIGADO & CIA.LDA.S.A.; and/or J.F.Aulmann, and/or Ana María Aulmann, F.A.Aulmann; and/or Marta Poletto, and/or Amelia Liprotti; and/or Luis Ortiz

residing in (3) Paraguay 610, Piso 17, Buenos Aires, Argentina

a Special Power of Attorney as ample as by law may be necessary to obtain from the proper Offices and Authorities (3) the registration and renewal of trademarks, patents, industrial models and designs, utility models; to cede; to accept transferences and execute them; to withdraw from the proceedings; to renounce expressly the rights derived from such registrations; to negotiate and compromise in judicial and/or non judicial actions and mediations derived therefrom.

for which purpose he(it) authorises him(them) to take before such Authorities all necessary steps for the object aforesaid; to present petitions, make descriptions, protests, declarations, appeals and claims; to pay all taxes and installments and effect all other payments specified by law; receive all documents and securities; prove workings; make amendments in all documents presented; apply for certified copies; abandon proceedings; collect and receive; oppose and protest against applications which, in the opinion of the Attorney, may cause confusion, infringe or in any way prejudice the marks, trade names, patents or copyrights of the Grantor (Company), with authority furthermore, at his discretion, to waive or not legal proceedings, it being understood, that this Power of Attorney does also authorize the Attorney to represent him(it) in actions in court. And finally with authority to perform all such acts, matters and things necessary for the objects aforesaid, including authority to substitute this Power of Attorney either wholly or in part and revoke substitutions, the Grantor (Company) binding himself (itself) to hold as firm and valid, whatsoever may be done and performed by virtue of this Power of Attorney.

Signed at (4)

on the (5)                                20

     abajo firmado     (1)

domiciliado    en (2)

declara por el presente otorgar a (3)

OBLIGADO & CIA.LDA.S.A. y/o J.F.Aulmann, y/o Ana María Aulmann, F.A.Aulmann; y/o Marta Poletto, y/o Amelia Liprotti; y/o Luis Ortiz

residente en (3)Paraguay 610, Piso 17, Buenos Aires, Arge ...

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