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Agente da Propriedade Industrial

Licensed Patent and Trademark Agents

Desde/Since 1919

Rua Teófilo Otoni 63 / 10º andar

20090-080 - Centro

Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil

TEL.: (21) 518-2264

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Agência Praça Mauá

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Thereza G. Curi Abranches

Tomaz Henrique Leonardos

Vivian Guimarães de Lima e Silva

Rio de Janeiro,

August 24, 2000



         O/RE.: PGI (LETTER L)                                         

Dear Sirs,

With reference to your e-mail dated August 23, 2000, below please find the requested information:

         We are pleased to inform you herein below some general features about trademark proceedings in Brazil as well as our pricing policy.


I.1.    In order to file a trademark or service mark application or apply for the renewal of a registration, in Brazil,  the following documents are necessary:

         A power of attorney, as per the enclosed form, simply signed by an Officer of the Applicant (notarization and legalization are not necessary; please write legibly under the signature the name and title of the person who signs the power). Only one power is enough for several separate applications.

         A sample of the trademark if figurative or composite.

         It is necessary that the Applicant be effectively engaged in the field of activities to which the products/services belong, however, it is not necessary to submit any document in this connection.   It is enough that we are authorized to state, in the application form, that the Applicant does exercise such activities.

I.2.    We may file the application without the power-of-attorney (in order to secure the earliest possible filing date) but, in this case, such document must be presented to the Trademark Office within 60 days, under penalty of the immediate extinction of the application.

I.3.    Please note that in Brazil multiple-class applications are not allowed.   The international trademark classification has been adopted in Brazil as of January 01, 2000, but it is not allowed to apply for a trademark registration claiming the whole text of a class. If you do not know in which international class(es) the application(s) should be filed, please inform us the specific goods or services of interest so that we may properly classify them and inform you the number of applications which would be necessary.


I.5.    Approximately 6 months after filing, the application is published in the Brazilian Official Gazette offering a 60-day term for submission of oppositions which may be answered by the Applicant also within a 60 day-term after the notice of the opposition is published. After this term, a thorough registrability examination is made  by the Patent and Trademark Office including as regards prior conflicting trademark applications and/or registrations.

I.6.    Following this examination, a decision is published. If the application is allowed (within approximately 6 months from the first publication date), a 60-day term is automatically opened to pay the final fees for the issuance and maintenance of the corresponding certificate of registration. If the application is rejected, an appeal may be submitted within 60 days, to the President of the Patent and Trademark Office and in case the appeal is accepted in order to reverse the first decision and the application is granted there will also be a 60-day term for payment of the issuance and maintenance fees and an additional 30-day grace period for late payment of such fees.

I.7.    Once these fees are paid, within approximately 6 months the registration is issued and Applicants will be advised of this fact through another publication which is also made in the Brazilian Official Gazette, finally, 6 months later, the certificate of registration is delivered by the Patent and Trademark Office. The whole registration process takes generally 18 months to be completed, considering no opposition or appeal has been filed.

I.8.    Within the period of 180 days, counted as from the date of publication of the issuance of the registration, third parties or even the Patent and Trademark Office itself may start cancellation proceedings to have the issuance decision administratively annulled. Applicants are notified whenever a cancellation request is presented by means of the proper publication in the Brazilian Official Gazette and, as from this publication a 60-day term runs to give to the trademark owner the opportunity ...

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