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Delimitation and Prior Rights Agreement

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– hereinafter „XYZ“ –



– hereinafter „ABC“ –

§ 1

XYZ is the owner of the registered CTM’s „XX“, Registration No. 11111 and 2222 as well as further trademarks named XX and/or starting with XX. ABC filed the CTM application „XXXX“, Registration No. 333333.

§ 2

ABC shall not use any rights against XYZ’s currently registered and/or not registered trademarks containing xx. In particular, ABC will tolerate new registrations of the XYZ’s trademarks and registrations of similar trademarks with xx by XYZ, with the exception of applications which are identical to ABC’s trademarks „xx …“ and „xx …“.

§ 3

ABC shall add of the following limitation of the list of goods and services in the CTM application in relation to these 5 classes: "... all the aforementioned goods relating to or to be associated with football championships." The resulting registration shall only be used for these goods and services.

In relation to the goods falling into the opposed classes 3,29,31,32,33, ABC agrees that the element "xx" of the subject application will never be used on a stand alone basis, but only in combination with the year "…." in order to maintain an obvious association with the event organised by ABC.

ABC shall withdraw the CTM application „xx“, Registration No. 121212, in these 5 classes by Dec 31, 2012 or in case that the subject trade mark is involved in proceedings of any kind, the cancellation to take place only at the final termination of such proceedings.

§ 4

XYZ shall immediately after the conclusion of this agreement withdraw the oppositions against the CTM ‘xx ..’, Registration No. 2222. XYZ shall not challenge the trademark „xx …“ No. 121212 and also new applications for ‘xx …’ and any identical subsequent applications therefor; especially, it will not seek cancellation thereof on the basis of its older rights.

XYZ will not challenge the use of the trademark „xx …“, No. 12121212 for the goods and services it has been filed on the basis of its rights.

The parties shall be free to request the cancellation of the trademarks of the respective other ...

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