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Dear Mr.

Thank you for your today's fax communication in connection with the

referenced matter.  As per your request, following you will find a general

description of the cost, requirements and time generally spent in the

registration of marks in Mexico.

A)         Documentation and Information:

1.         Power of Attorney.

As far as the granting of a power of attorney to members of this Firm is

concerned, please be advised that in accordance to the Mexican Industrial

Property Law provisions, there are three different types of powers of

attorney that could be used in Mexico.

            (i)         Power of attorney for administrative controversial and court


                        In order for a power for attorney to have full effects in administrative

controversial and court procedures, such power of attorney would have to be

(i) translated into Spanish by an independent expert translator authorized

by the Mexican Courts and (ii) legalized by the Apostille provided in the

Hague Convention of 1961 and (iii) authenticated by a Mexican Notary

Public. Moreover, attached to such power of attorney should be the

following documents duly authenticated as well;

                                   (a)        Certificate of good standing and proper incorporation of the grantor


                                   (b)        Certificate of the grantor's company Secretary attaching By-Laws or

Articles of Association (relevant sections at least) where rules to grant

the power of attorney is evidenced, and

                                   (c)        Certificate evidencing that the person signing the power of attorney

on behalf of the company granting the power of attorney has authority to do


                        (ii)        Power of attorney for general administrative procedures

                                   The power of attorney granted without attaching certificates mentioned

under items (a), (b) and (c) above, and without the authentication of a

Mexican Notary Public, nor translated by independent expert translator

authorized by the Mexican Courts (but by any other translator), duly

legalized by the Apostille provided in the Hague Convention of 1961, is

enforceable but only in general administrative procedures (i.e.

registration procedures of marks, assignment or license agreements

registrations, etc.); however subject power of attorney will not be

sufficient for any other procedure such as litigation, including

administrative litigation.

                        (iii)        Power of attorney for limited administrative procedures

                                   A simple letter power of attorney granted before two witnesses and

without the proper authentication nor legalization, may be used only for

patent applications, registration applications and for the registration of

assignment or license agreements. Please note however that subject power of

attorney will not be sufficient for any other procedure such as renewals,

filing of evidence of use, litigation (including administrative

litigation), etc. Even, the legal capacity of the applicant's

representative to reply to any requirement made by the Mexican authority in

connection with the registration procedure of the corresponding trademark

could be objected by any interested third party.

                        Be aware that the term granted by Mexican Law and the Mexican authority

to reply to objections raised by some authority or third parties during the

administrative procedure are generally short to have the suggested power of

attorney in final form.

            Bearing in mind the above, we recommend to use the power of attorney

identified under paragraph 1 above. Enclosed you will find relevant formats

of power of attorney.

            2.         20 black and white or color labels of the mark (if colors are to be


            3.         Address of the establishment where the products are manufactured or the

services are rendered (preferably in Mexico, if so is the case).

            4.         Address of the owner of the mark.

            5.         If priority is requested (see item 1.C below), certified copy of

application for registration in another country, duly notarized and

authenticated by the Mexican Consul.

            6.         If priority is requested, authenticated copy of the foreign

(non-Mexican) country application evidence or registration certificate,

duly notarized and authenticated.

            7.         Date of first use of the mark in Mexico, if any.

            8.         Description of the services or products that are to be covered by the


            9.         We suggest that prior to the filing of the relevant trademark

application, a computer search be performed.  The cost for a search per

mark and per class is in the amount of US$100.00 plus approximately

US$11.00 for expenses.  To report on each anticipation disclosed US$50.00,

plus approximately US$4.00 for expenses.

B)         Fees:

            Government fees for each mark application, without claiming priority, are

approximately $1,208.65 -payable in advance- (approximately US$125.00).

Please note that government ...

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