Vollmacht Markenanmeldung Mexico

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By these presents your are hereby conferred special power of attorney, as broad as required by law, in order that, in the name and representation of _____________________________________________________ you may exercise it jointly or severally, to effect the application for and obtaining in the United Mexican States, the registration of the Grantor Company�??s trademarks, service marks, commercial slogans, patents, usable models, industrial designs, plant species and varieties as well as its franchises and the publication of trade names; the recording of all manner of assignments of industrial property rights to its favor or in the name of the Grantor Company in favor of third parties; the renewals and demonstration of use of its trademarks, service marks, trade names, commercial slogans, the demonstration of exploitation of its patents, usable models, industrial designs, plant species and varieties; the recording of all manner of authorization or licenses of use of any and all kind of industrial property rights, including among others the authorizations of use and/or exploitation of its trademarks, service marks, trade names, commercial slogans, patents, usable models, industrial designs, plant species and varieties and franchises, as well as the cancellation of said authorization or license of use and/or exploitation and franchises recorded; the voluntary cancellation of its trademarks, services marks registrations, patents, trade names, commercial slogans, usable models, plant species and varieties, franchises and/or any other industrial property rights, the voluntary limitation of the goods or services covered by its trademarks and/or services marks registration; likewise, the Grantor company hereby conferred the authority to assert its exiting industrial property rights and those to be acquired in the future; to ratify before the corresponding authorities authorities and to confirm should it be the case all juridical acts carried out heretofore in Grantor Company�??s representation by you or by any other attorney, according to articles 2231 and 2235 of the Civil Code for the Federal District of the United Mexican States.


To duly perform and carry into effect the power of attorney herein, conferred you are hereby given ample authority, therefore mentioned as illustrative and not limitative you may file all kind of applications and writs before authorities and individuals; pay taxes and official fees as well as any other necessary expenditure; give consents to third parties with respect to their Intellectual Property rights; make clarifications; hear, receive and reply to official notifications, resolutions and decisions and to contest them before the corresponding authority; to file and withdraw �??Amparo�?? suits and to intervene as prejudiced third party; to withdraw from any proceedings instituted by you; to substitute this power of attorney in favor of the person of persons that you deem convenient, and in general you may perform all necessary acts that you may deem necessary to exercise the power or attorney herein conferred.


The authority I have to grant this power has been bestowed upon me by means of (1)


The foregoing power of attorney was granted and executed at the city of ___________________, country of ___________________ on the date of _____________________, 2000.





SE�?ORES: .....





Por la presente se otorga a ustedes poder especial, tan amplio como en derecho se requiera, a fin de que, en nombre y representación de _________________________________________________________, lo ejerciten individual o conjuntamente, a fin de solicitar y obtener en los Estados Unidos Mexicanos el registro de las marcas de producto, marcas de servicio, avisos comerciales, patentes, modelos de utilidad, diseños industriales, especies y variedades vegetales, así como la franquicias y publicación de nombres comerciales de la sociedad otorgante; el registro de toda clase de cesiones de derechos de propiedad industrial a favor de la Sociedad Otorgante o a nombre de ésta a favor de terceros; las renovaciones y comprobaciones de uso de sus marcas de productos, marcas de servicio, nombre comerciales, avisos comerciales, ...

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Vorschau für Vollmacht Markenanmeldung Mexico

Vorschau für Vollmacht Markenanmeldung Mexico