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A company can be set up with one member.  However, it is necessary for two directors and one secretary to be appointed upon incorporation. One of the directors may act in the dual capacity of director and secretary.  Directors must be individuals whereas a secretary may be a corporate entity.

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Upon application to the registrar of companies for incorporation, the following details will be required by statutory declaration of the promoters or solicitor engaged in formation of the Company:

1.      the general nature of the activity;

2.      the division, group and class (as determined by reference to the classification of economic activities in the European Union Regulations) in which the activity belongs, or a precise description of the activity.

3.      the places in Ireland where the activity is to be carried on;

4.      the place (in Ireland or elsewhere) where the central administration of the Company will be carried on.


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This will apply to new companies, as a pre-requisite to incorporation, and to existing companies from 18 April 2001.


Companies can subsequently be exempted from the requirement to have an Irish resident director or bond in the event that the registrar of companies, following consultation with the Irish revenue commissioners, issues a certificate of exemption.  The exemption is on the grounds that the registrar is satisfied that the company has a real and continuous link with Ireland.

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Failure to comply with Section 43 will render the Company liable to a fine prosecutable by the registrar of companies and may lead to the company being struck off the register of companies.


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There are certain exemptions

1.      groups of companies are treated as one company;

2.      companies with a certificate of real and continuous connection with Ireland are excluded.

I should also advise you at this stage that it is a requirement for directors, shadow directors and secretaries to notify the company of any interest held by them, their spouses or minor children in shares or debentures of the company or its affiliates and to notify any changes in those interests.  Failure to notify strictly within the appropriate number of days (usually 5), is an offence and, among other things, results in the director or secretary losing any right to enforce the rights which he has in the shares or debentures in question.  If any of the new directors or secretary are in a position where they should notify the company of any interests they hold then you should ensure that they notify the company within 5 days of their appointment.

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Please note that having an Irish resident secretary does not satisfy the requirement for an Irish resident director (see above Irish Resident Directors).

VAT (Government tax) is chargeable on professional fees.  The current rate is 20%.  All outlay incurred on behalf of a client is recharged to the client.


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