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Details II (kurz)

Formation of New Company

1.                  We can provide a newly incorporated company for you within ten days of you completing all of the necessary documents. Alternatively, we can provide one such company within the next ten days if, as is customary, you allow us to use our nominees to complete the application documentation.

3.                  The minimum paid-up share capital is IR£1. However, normally a minimum share capital of IR£2 with two shareholders, each holding one share, is preferred.

 4.                  You will need to provide us with names of at least one or two persons or companies which will be the shareholders and two persons who will be the directors. A law passed in December 1999 provides for at least one of the directors being resident in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Ireland or for the taking out of a bond by the company (to cover future tax liabilities). The normal procedure is that you would name two persons who would act as the two shareholders as well as the two directors. Additionally, the company is required to have one person who will be appointed the Company Secretary and that person can be one of the two persons who will be the directors and shareholders.

5.                  In relation to the two persons please provide the following information:

a)                  full name and any former name

b)                 nationality

c)                  date of birth

d)                 residential address

e)                  a list of directorships of any companies registered anywhere in the world

7.                  Please clarify whether the trade of the company will be on-shore, whether the companies are to become liable to Irish taxation or whether the trade of the companies will be off-shore of Ireland and whether it is not intended for the companies to become liable to Irish taxation.

All advices and ancillary services you may require us to provide will be subject to a separate cost agreement. Within our charges, however, we will provide the companies. We can also introduce you to an Irish bank, if required.

Managing your company is a matter for yourself. The company will require to appoint auditors and is required to file annual returns to the Irish Companies Registration Office, in default of which it will be dissolved. The fees payable to the auditor annually for preparing the returns are a matter of negotiation. We would be happy to introduce you to auditors subject to receiving your instructions to proceed with the incorporation of the company and the payment by you of our retainer fee.

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