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Satzung e.V. non-profit, englisch

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The constitution



§ 1       Name, head office, financial year

1.         The name of the association is

                                    (...) .

After its registration in the register of associations at the Local Court (Amtsgericht) of Frankfurt/Main it will also bear the suffix e.V..

2.         The association has its head office in Frankfurt/Main.

3.         The financial year is the same as the calendar year.

§ 2            Integration, purpose of the association

1.         (...) is a non-profit making association whose head office is in Paris/France and whose purpose is the representation and development of "______________" through related and associated activities which do not affect the non-profit making nature of the association. "______________" includes marketing, advertising strategies and similar measures which are carried out at the point where a service or a product is sold. To promote this aim on a European level, associations are being formed in the individual European countries which pursue this non-profit making aim as the constitutional aim of the association. The association "(...)" has been formed in order to pursue this non-profit making aim in the Federal Republic of Germany.

2.         The purpose of the association is the promotion, representation and development of "______________" by related and associated activities which do not affect the non-profit making nature of the association. The objective of the association is particularly realised in training and coaching members in the field of "______________".

3.         The association shall only pursue aims which are directly of a non-profit making nature, as defined in the section "Purposes Eligible for Tax Relief" of the Fiscal Code of 1977 (sections 51 to 68 AO).

4.         The association shall not be active in its own interests and shall not pursue any economic aims of its own.

5.         The association's funds may only be used for the purposes set out in the constitution. In their capacity as members, the members of the association shall receive no endowments or dividends from the association's funds. In addition to this, no parties shall benefit from expenditure which is alien to the purpose of the corporation or from an unreasonably high remuneration.

§ 3 Membership

1.         Any natural person or legal entity may become an active member of the association if their main or occasional occupation or any other activity of theirs is related to "______________", in particular:

·      Users and those who order the use of "______________" (advertising specialists, advertising agencies, marketing consultants);

·      People active in sales;

·      Members of the consulting and teaching professions;

·      Designers, advisers, agencies for "______________";

·      Organisations and associations to do with "______________";

·      Developers of "______________"

·      Service providers

·      The following suppliers for "______________" (manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of raw material and technology).

2.         The association may have natural persons or legal entities as its honorary members who do not belong to the occupational groups set out above. The honorary members shall be proposed by the committee and ratified by the general assembly of members. The honorary members shall not have voting rights. The number of honorary members should not exceed 10 % of the total number of members.

3.         An application to join the association must be made in writing.

4.         The committee shall decide whether to approve the application to join the association. An appeal may be made against the decision within one month before the next general assembly of members.

§ 4 Resigning from the association

1.         A member may only resign from the association on 31 December of the relevant calendar year. Notice must be given in writing and received by the committee 3 months before the end of the calendar year.

2.            Members who have resigned from the association shall have no claim to a share in the assets of the association.

§ 5 Exclusion from the association

1.         A member who acts against the interests of the association by wilful intent or due to gross negligence may be excluded from the association.

2.         Before being excluded from the association, the member concerned must be allowed to put his, her or its case. Should this member submit a written declaration, this declaration must be read out at the general assembly of members.

3.            Exclusion from the association can only be decided by a 2/3 majority of the general assembly of members.

4.         The resolution pertaining to exclusion from the association with appropriate reasons must be served on the member in writing.

5.         Clause 4, paragraph 2 of this constitution shall apply accordingly.

§ 6 Membership dues

1.         The sum of the membership dues shall be determined by the general assembly of members.

2.         The membership dues shall be payable on 1 January of every year.

3.            Members who are more than three months in arrears with their membership dues shall be reminded in writing that payment has become due. Should a member still have failed to pay the dues 3 months after receiving this reminder, the committee of the association can initiate proceedings to exclude the member from the association ...

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