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            In ___(1)____,  _____(1)_____, on ______(2)____, 1994, before me, _______(3)__________, Notary Public, in and to ____(4)_____, there appears Mr. _________(5)_____________, ___(6)_____, ____(7)____, _____(8)_______, passport Nº _____(9)_____ of ______(9)______, on behalf of _____(10)_____, a ______(11)_____ duly formed under the laws of ____(12)____, both the appearer and the company domiciled at _______(13)______, _________(13)_______, ______(13)______ and states:

            That he hereby grants a special power of attorney to _________ (the �??Attorneys-in-fact�??) who acting jointly or separately shall be empowered to perform the following acts:

1.-        In the name and representation of _______(10)______ they may appear in the public deed by which _____(10)_____ and ______(14)______ will form a limited liability company in Chile pursuant to the laws of the Republic of Chile, as well as to execute any deed by which such Company's  charter may be amended. Furthermore, the Attorneys-in-fact are empowered to act on behalf of _____(10)_____  in order to incorporate all kind of companies.

            The Attorneys-in-fact are empowered to carry out with broadest powers all that is deemed necessary or convenient for the achievement of the purpose above mentioned. Specially, and without this enunciation being restrictive or limitative, they are empowered to agree on the provisions of the company charter, to establish the name and purpose of the company, to fix its capital and the form in which it will be paid, to contribute to the company funds or assets of any nature whatsoever, to determine the value or appraisement of the assets contributed, to agree on the form of management, representation and use of the company's name, and to fix the time of duration of the company. They may also agree on all and any other provision of the company charter that may be necessary or that may be considered convenient, with broad authority and without any limitations. Additionally, the Attorneys-in-fact may appoint administrators, general manager or representatives of the company, to fix their authority including the powers contained in Article 7 Paragraph 2 of the Civil Procedure Code.

2.-        So that in the name and in representation of ____(10)____ they may appear to sign all presentations and forms required by the Central Bank of Chile pursuant to Chapter XIV of the Foreign Exchange Regulations, as well as any applications to the Foreign Investment Committee and the foreign investment contracts with the State of Chile. The Attorneys-in-fact are also authorized to bring foreign investment contributions into the country through the Foreign Investment Statute or the Central Bank Law, being authorized to sign the corresponding agreements, fix the terms and condition which may deem necessary.

3.-        Represent _______________(10) _______________, in front of any kind of governmental authorities, either political, administrative, municipal and before all kind of public or private bodies and ...

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