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Installment Sale and Security Agreement

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This contract is made this _________[date] between the seller and the buyer, designated below by their signatures and seals.

1. Payment. Seller sells buyer the articles described above (goods) upon the terms set forth below. Buyer, given the choice of paying the net price set forth below or the time price in any installments as set forth below, agrees to pay same to seller or its assigns at its offices at the address shown above or at any other address which seller may direct in writing delivered to buyer. It is agreed that the contracts, whether one or more, existing between seller and buyer, having an unpaid balance of $_____(old balance), shall remain in full force and effect, that seller's security interest in the goods sold under them shall remain perfected, and that as to the contract evidenced by this instrument, buyer shall make payments in the amount and for the period set forth below until the total time balance as set forth has been paid. Upon a default in the contract evidenced by this instrument, the existing contract shall also be deemed to be in default:

Payable in _________ consecutive installments of $_____ each, except the last installment shall be the balance due.

First installment due _________[date].

2. Warranties. No representation or statements have been made by seller concerning the goods except as stated in this agreement, and no warranty, express or implied, by seller, arises apart from this writing. Buyer warrants that any property offered in trade for the goods is free from any lien, claim, incumbrance or security interest.

3. Fees. Buyer will pay all costs of filing this contract or any financing or termination statement with respect to the goods, and appoints seller buyer's attorney-in-fact to do whatever seller may deem necessary to perfect or continue perfected its security interest in the goods.

4. Retention of security interest. Until all installment payments, and all other amounts due under this agreement, have been paid, seller shall retain a security interest in the goods and any and all equipment, parts, accessories, attachments, additions and other goods, and all replacements of them, installed in, affixed to or used in connection with the goods and, if buyer sells or otherwise disposes of the goods in violation of the terms of this agreement, in the proceeds of such sale or disposition.

5. Insurance. Buyer will insure the goods against all hazards in form and amounts and with an insurer satisfactory to seller. If buyer fails to obtain insurance seller shall have the right to obtain it at buyer's expense (without waiver of any other remedy) and buyer assigns to seller all right to receive proceeds of insurance not exceeding the unpaid balance (including any costs of collection, attorney's fees or other costs actually incurred in connection with it) and directs any insurer to pay all proceeds directly to seller and authorizes seller to endorse any draft for proceeds. In the event of damage to the goods and payment of insurance, seller shall have the option of replacing the goods or applying the proceeds on any obligation secured by this agreement. Seller may upon default under this agreement, or default in the payment or performance of any obligation secured by this agreement, cancel any insurance on goods after repossession of them, or on that portion of the goods repossessed if less than all.

6. Maintenance. Buyer will keep the goods in good condition and free from liens and other security interests, will pay promptly all taxes and assessments upon them or with respect to their use, will not use the goods illegally or dispose of or incumber them, will not remove the goods from the premises to which they are delivered as stated on the face of this contract, without the prior written consent of seller and will not permit the goods to be fixtures, or to become accessions to other goods unless on the front page of this agreement it is indicated that the goods are to be attached to real estate in which case buyer agrees to furnish seller with a disclaimer or disclaimers, in form satisfactory to seller, signed by all persons having an interest in the real estate, of any interest in the goods which is prior to seller's interest.

7. Events of default. The occurrence of any of the following shall constitute a default under this agreement: (1) failure of buyer to perform any obligation or agreement specified in this agreement, or if any warranty or representation made under this agreement by buyer should prove to be materially incorrect; (2) the death of buyer, any cosigner or guarantor on any obligation secured by this agreement, or the dissolution, merger, consolidation or reorganization of any corporate buyer or corporate obligor on such obligation; (3) the institution of any proceeding in bankruptcy, receivership or insolvency against buyer; or against any obligor on any secured obligation or the institution by any party of action for attachment or similar process; (4) the issuance of execution process against any property of buyer or any such coobligor, or the entry of any judgment against buyer or any such coobligor, or any assignment for benefit of creditors or similar action adversely involving any such party; (5) any condemnation, levy, forfeiture or similar action against the goods or ...

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