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Confidentiality Agreement with investor



(hereafter referred to as "the Investor")



(hereafter referred to as "the Company")

To enable the Investor to make a proposal to the Company to provide an offer for its investment concerning the Management-Buy-Out of the Company, the Investor has solicited that the Company disclose to the Investor, and the Company has agreed to disclose to the Investor, certain confidential information consisting of but not limited to the following categories of information ("the Information"):

a.   identity of the beneficial owner of the Company (the "Beneficial Owner")

b.   disclosure of all companies related to or associated with the Company and / or the Beneficial Owner forming part of a group of companies for which the Company renders services

c.   types of investments made by the group of companies to date

d.   total amount of equity invested by the Beneficial Owner in the Company or in other companies forming part of the group

e.   total financing made available by the Beneficial Owner to the Company and / or any companies forming part of the group

f.     any loans made by the Company or other companies of the group to third parties

g.   identities of other shareholders of certain companies forming part of the group and / or identities of partners of the Beneficial Owner in connection with the activities carried out within the group of companies

h.   investor references of the Company and / or of the Beneficial Owner

The Investor has entered into this Agreement with the Company to induce the Company to disclose the Information to the Investor.

1.   The Company and the Investor consider their relationship one of confidence with respect to the Information and agree that the information constitute valuable trade secrets which are the sole property of the Company and / or the Beneficial Owner.

2.   Whether or not the Investor makes a proposal to the Company pertaining to make investments and / or financing plans, the Investor will:

a.   hold the Information in confidence and not discuss, communicate or transmit to others or make any unauthorized copy of or use the Information for any purpose unrelated to the Company,

b.   use the Information solely in furtherance of the reasons that the Information is disclosed to the Investor, and

c.   take all reasonable action to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of, and to protect the confidentiality of and the Company's interests in the Information.

3.   Notwithstanding the present agreement, the Company and / or the Beneficial Owner shall have no obligation to disclose any or all of the Information.

4.   The Investor understands that any violation of this Agreement will cause the Company and the Beneficial Owner immediate and irreparable harm which money damages cannot adequately remedy. Therefore, upon any actual or intending violation of this Agreement, the Investor consents to issuance by the competent court of Frankfurt am Main/Germany, or any other court of competent jurisdiction, of a restraining order, preliminary and / or permanent injunction, without bond, restraining or enjoining such violation by the Investor or any entity or person acting in concert with the Investor. The Investor understands that such orders are additional to and do not limit the availability to the Company and the Beneficial Owner of any other remedy.

5.   In any dispute between the parties arising under this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to attorney fees and other costs of litigation in addition to all other remedies.

6.   This Agreement shall protect the interests of both the Company and the Beneficial Owner who may rely on this Agreement an act upon it in case of any violation by the Investor.

7.   This Agreement is the entire contract between the parties concerning the Information. This Agreement insures to the benefit of, and binds the parties and their successors, assigns or other legal representatives. The present Agreement shall be subject to German Law without regard to any conflict of laws provision.

8.   The Investor irrevocably agrees to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Frankfurt am Main/Germany.

to be signed by the Investor


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