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Contract of Employment

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The following Contract of Employment is concluded between

_______ (Employer)


_________________ (Employee):

Section 1 Start and location of the employment relationship, probationary period

(1) The employee takes up his duties for the employer on ______ in _______.

(2) The employment relationship is concluded for an unlimited term.The first six months are regarded as a probationary period. During this period the employment relationship can be terminated by either party with a period of notice of two weeks. (alternatively: at the end of the week/ month.). There is no termination before commencement of employment.

Section 2 Activity and area of responsibilities

(1) The employee is employed as a _________________ .

(2) The employer has the right to assign other or additional omparable ork to the employee in conformity with his previous experience.

(3) If the transfer is linked to a permanent change of location, the consent of the employee is required. (alternatively: The employer reserves the right to relocate the employee to another place of work within Germany.)

Section 3 Working hours

(1) Normal working hours are 40 hours a week. The beginning and the end of working hours are determined by the employer.

(2) The employee shall be obliged to put all working hours at the disposal of the employer.

Section 4 Renumeration

(1) The employee shall receive a monthly salary of ________ euros gross. Payment is due at the end of the month and payable to an account designated by the employee.

(2) Payment of the renumeration covers any overtime work. (alternatively: Each hour of overtime is paid _____(e.g. 25 %) above the usual rate.)

(3) The payment of bonuses, profit sharing, premiums and other payments is at the complete discretion of the employer and does not constitute a claim, even if the payment is made repeatedly without explicit reservation of the optional nature of the payment.

Section 5 Assignment and pledging of the renumeration

The assignment and pledging of remuneration claims is prohibited. In the event of distress or permitted assignment or pledging by the employer of remuneration claims the employer is entitled to request reimbursement of the costs from the employee.

Section 6 Sideline occupation

The employee will devote his entire working capacity to the company. Any sideline occupation for the purpose of earnings requires the prior written consent of the management.

Section 7 Holiday

(1) The employee is entitled to _____ (e.g. 25 ) working days.

(2) The holiday must be granted as far as possible as a block and is exclusively for the purpose of relaxation. The timing of the holliday shall be determined by the employer who will take into account the employee's wishes.

Section 8 Payment of salary in the event of inabilty to work

(1) The employee must notify the employer immediately, i.e. at the latest at the beginning of the work, if he is unable to work, stating the reasons and the expected duration. If the inability to work due to illness continues for more than three days the employee shall submitt a medical certificate by no later than the following day. Sentences 1 and 2 shall apply accordingly in the event that the inability to work continues for a period of time which is longer than originally certified.

(2) In the event of illness, the employee is entitled to continued payment of the salary for the duration of the statutory ...

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