Letter to Domains by Proxy to disclose domain owner due to trademark infringement



Request _ disclose domain owner information of domain XY


Dear Sirs,

In _ aforementioned matter we write you _ behalf of our client ??, who we regularly represent _ advise in IP matters.

Recently our client became aware of _ fact that you registered _ domain




on behalf of a not disclosed proprietor. This registration _ use of that domain infringes trademark rights of our client.

Our client _ owner of _ international registration wordmark ?? with designation for example of _ EU _ many other countries. This trademark _ registered for ??.

According _ Article 9 EUTMR a EU trademark gives _ owner an exclusive right. _ same applies _ an international registration designating _ EU, see Article 189 (1) EUTMR.

That right allows its proprietor, in accordance with Article 9 (1) (b) EUTMR, _ prevent third parties from using a sign in trade without his consent if _ sign in question _ the EU trademark are at least similar _ cover identical _ similar goods _ services, so that there _ a risk of confusion between them for _ relevant trade.

In _ case at hand _ second-level domain name




is identical with _ registered trademark of our client. _ fact that there _ currently no content published under it _ not relevant because it can be used _ promote services for which our client’s trademark _ registered at any time.

According _ Article 9 (3)(b) you are required _ refrain from using _ sign ?? as part of _ domain ??.

To avoid further lengthy _ especially costly litigation we offer you _ possibility _ solve this matter amicably. Therefore, you may transfer _ domain _ our client. Our client would then waive any further claims for damages.

If we do not hear from you within a week we will file a UDRP complaint.






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