Service Agreement for SEO

This Service Agreement _ made _ (date), between (name), herein referred _ as "Client", _ (name), herein referred _ as "Contractor", functioning in _ capacity of an Independent Contractor, for Consulting Services _ be rendered by Contractor _ behalf of Client for _ web site located at ( for _ purpose of achieving satisfactory Search Engine Rankings.


The purpose of this Service Agreement _ to precede a possible longer term, continuing working arrangement for performance of search engine optimization services which may be rendered by Contractor _ behalf of Client.


1. Services _ Be Performed.


Contractor agrees _ provide _ following consulting services for Client for _ purpose of achieving satisfactory search engine rankings:


(1.1). Keyword research _ analysis for a maximum of (n) keywords _ phrases.

(1.2). Competitive analysis for main keywords/keyphrases.

(1.3). Analysis of site architecture _ linking structure.

(1.4). Analysis of HTML _ page design structure.

(1.5). Recommendations for 1.1 through 1.4, above, as well as for necessary modifications _ essential page text elements for achieving satisfactory search engine placement.

(1.6). Recommendations for improvement of page titles _ meta tags for (n) site pages.

(1.7). Hand submission of web site _ major search engines and/or directories.

(1.8). Analysis _ recommendations for external links _ site.


These consulting services will include a maximum of (n) hours of billable time, based upon _ mutually agreed upon hourly rate of (n), including email _ phone consultations, client education _ tutoring, _ research, preparation _ transmission of materials, documentation _ information for implementation by _ Client _ by _ Web Developer of Client's choice.


All items delineated in items 1.1 through 1.8, as listed above, are included, _ are based upon _ site as-is at _ time services are begun. Modifications independently made _ pages by Client which can substantially affect _ alter optimization of _ rankings for _ site pages, without timely notification _ Contractor, may result in duplication of work by Contractor. Such altered pages will, therefore, no longer be considered part of _ original agreement, _ may be billed separately in order for work _ continue _ the altered pages.


2. Payment.


In consideration _ for compensation of Contractor's performance of these services, Client agrees _ pay _ Contractor _ mutually agreed upon price of ($0.00), _ be performed _ behalf of Client for ( _ be paid in full prior _ commencement of services, by no later than (date), either by U.S.P.S. mail, _ via PayPal.


Time _ be invested above _ beyond _ mutually agreed upon above delineated maximum of (nn) hours of billable time will be billed at _ pre-arranged, mutually acceptable hourly rate of ($0.00) per hour, _ adequate notice will be given when _ maximum time allotment _ being approached. Payment will be made within (n) days of written notification/billing of payment being due for additional hours in order for work _ continue.


3. Time Considerations.


The term of this agreement _ for a period of (n) months, with work commencing after receipt by Contractor of _ agreed upon payment, _ be received no later than (date).


Client understands that he may not hold Contractor responsible for failure of either himself _ the Web Developer of his choice _ provide necessary materials, text _ information, _ to execute and/or implement recommended modifications, _ to implement in a timely fashion.


In _ event that there _ delay _ the part of _ Client _ the Client's Web Developer in implementing modifications, this period of service will be extended _ 11:59 P.M., (date).


4. Client Responsibility _ Copyright Considerations.


Client will supply Contractor with all text, documents _ other necessary materials, if applicable _ the project, including but not limited _ records pertaining _ web site traffic, for performance of agreed upon services. Client affirms that he _ the full copyright owner of such materials, _ that he has obtained proper permission from _ copyright owner(s) for use of such materials. Client will indemnify Contractor _ hold Contractor harmless against any claims of libel, copyright, _ trademark infringement brought against Contractor with respect _ use of those materials.


5. Termination Provisions.


Either Client _ Contractor may, either individually _ by mutual agreement, terminate their working relationship by giving written notice _ the other party.


Client _ Contractor are in agreement that circumstances _ conditions sometimes arise that warrant _ necessitate termination of _ Client-Contractor working relationship. In view of this possibility, both Client _ Contractor agree that should _ relationship terminate, it will be done so in an amicable fashion, maintaining an attitude of cooperation _ professional demeanor, with respect for _ reputation _ dignity of _ other party.


If notice of termination _ given by either Client _ Contractor, no new work shall be initiated, but any work previously authorized by Client up _ the point of receipt by Contractor _ Client of termination notice shall be completed, _ Client agrees _ be responsible for prompt payment for such services _ Contractor based upon _ mutually agreed upon hourly fee. These same terms will apply in _ event that either Client _ Contractor should initiate termination.




6. Legal Venue.


Any disputes arising from this Agreement will be litigated _ arbitrated in (my county, my state, my country). This Agreement shall be governed in accordance with _ laws of _ State of (my state), (my country).


(place for date, location _ signature information here)


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