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Service Agreement for SEO

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This Service Agreement is made on (date), between (name), herein referred to as "Client", and (name), herein referred to as "Contractor", functioning in the capacity of an Independent Contractor, for Consulting Services to be rendered by Contractor on behalf of Client for the web site located at (www.example.com) for the purpose of achieving satisfactory Search Engine Rankings.

The purpose of this Service Agreement is to precede a possible longer term, continuing working arrangement for performance of search engine optimization services which may be rendered by Contractor on behalf of Client.

1. Services To Be Performed.

Contractor agrees to provide the following consulting services for Client for the purpose of achieving satisfactory search engine rankings:

(1.1). Keyword research and analysis for a maximum of (n) keywords or phrases.

(1.2). Competitive analysis for main keywords/keyphrases.

(1.3). Analysis of site architecture and linking structure.

(1.4). Analysis of HTML and page design structure.

(1.5). Recommendations for 1.1 through 1.4, above, as well as for necessary modifications to essential page text elements for achieving satisfactory search engine placement.

(1.6). Recommendations for improvement of page titles and meta tags for (n) site pages.

(1.7). Hand submission of web site to major search engines and/or directories.

(1.8). Analysis and recommendations for external links to site.

These consulting services will include a maximum of (n) hours of billable time, based upon the mutually agreed upon hourly rate of (n), including email and phone consultations, client education and tutoring, and research, preparation and transmission of materials, documentation and information for implementation by the Client or by the Web Developer of Client's choice.

All items delineated in items 1.1 through 1.8, as listed above, are included, and are based upon the site as-is at the time services are begun. Modifications independently made to pages by Client which can substantially affect and alter optimization of and rankings for the site pages, without timely notification to Contractor, may result in duplication of work by Contractor. Such altered pages will, therefore, no longer be considered part of the original agreement, and may be billed separately in order for work to continue on the altered pages.

2. Payment.

In consideration and for compensation of Contractor's performance of these services, Client agrees to pay The Contractor the mutually agreed upon price of ($0.00), to be performed on behalf of Client for (www.example.com) to be paid in full prior to commencement of services, by no later than (date), either by U.S.P.S. mail, or via PayPal.

Time to be invested above and beyond the mutually agreed upon above delineated maximum of (nn) hours of billable time will be billed at the pre-arranged, mutually acceptable hourly rate of ($0.00) per hour, and adequate notice ...

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