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Website Development Contract

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This Agreement is made this 02nd day of May 20__, between ____.com, having its principal place of business at ________________________________________, and Company Name having their principal place of business at Company’s address including country. In consideration of Company Name retaining Scottmanning.com to conduct an independent service for Company Name it is agreed as follows:

1. Compensation and Terms

Company Name hereby retains ___.com and ____.com hereby agrees to perform the following services:

- ____.com will perform the following jobs:

- Complete design of Company Website in the theme and navigational setup specified by Company Name.

- This will include the following sections:

1.       __________

2.       __________

3.       __________

4.       __________

As well as the sub-sections found therein.

- Company Name will provide the following:

1.       All images, graphics, and logos to be used in Company Website

2.       All text to be used in Company Website

3.       Detailed description of navigational systems and themes to be used throughout the design of Company Website

- Time Detail:

1.       _____.com will begin the development of Company Website upon the completion of this contract, and having received a down payment of $3000.00, as well as the necessary content to begin the website development.

2.       Each section of the website will be completed within two weeks of _____.com having received the necessary content from Company Name.

3.       ____.com will not be held responsible for production delays resulting from hosting company problems, technical problems, or client delays.

- The following fees shall apply:

1.      $3000.00 down payment to begin website development

2.      $3000.00 payment upon approval of the website graphical and navigational layout by Company Name.

3.      $3000.00 final payment upon the acceptance of the completed site.

4.      $75.00 per hour for future site updates including but not limited to adding press releases, modifying product specs, etc. This will include any drastic changes to the website including, but not limited to, changes in theme or navigational structure after having commenced development of the initial design agreed upon. Any updates taking longer than three workdays will require an additional contract.

2. Confidentiality

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