Version 2.0 - August 6, 2003 Please read this License carefully before downloading this software. By downloading or using this software, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this License. If you do not or cannot agree to the terms of this License, please do not download or use the software. 1. General; Definitions. This License applies to any program or other work which Apple Computer, Inc. ("Apple") makes publicly available and which contains a notice placed by Apple identifying such program or work as "Original Code" and stating that it is subject to the terms of this Apple Public Source License version 2.0 ("License"). As used in this License: 1.1 "Applicable Patent Rights" mean: (a) in the case where Apple is the grantor of rights, (i) claims of patents that are now or hereafter acquired, owned by or assigned to Apple and (ii) that cover subject matter contained in the Original Code, but only to the extent necessary to use, reproduce and/or distribute the Original Code without infringement; and (b) in the case where You are the grantor of rights, (i) claims of patents that are now or hereafter acquired, owned by or assigned to You and (ii) that cover subject matter in Your Modifications, taken alone or in combination with Original Code. 1.2 "Contributor" means any person or entity that creates or contributes to the creation of Modifications. 1.3 "Covered Code" means the Original Code, Modifications, the combination of Original Code and any Modifications, and/or any respective portions thereof. 1.4 "Externally Deploy" means: (a) to sublicense, distribute or otherwise make Covered Code available, directly or indirectly, to anyone other than You; and/or (b) to use Covered Code, alone or as part of a Larger Work, in any way to provide a service, including but not limited to delivery of content, through electronic communication with a client other than You. 1.5 "Larger Work" means a 


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