Some versions of the artistic license contain the

following clause:

8.Aggregation of this Package with a commercial distribution is always

permitted provided that the use of this Package is embedded; that is,

when no overt attempt is made to make this Package's interfaces

visible to the end user of the commercial distribution. Such use shall

not be construed as a distribution of this Package.

With or without this clause, the license is

approved by OSI for certifying software as OSI Certified Open Source.

One such example is the Perl Artistic License.




The Artistic License





The intent of this document is to state the conditions under which a

Package may be copied, such that the Copyright Holder maintains some

semblance of artistic control over the development of the package,

while giving the users of the package the right to use and distribute

the Package in a more-or-less customary fashion, plus the right to make

reasonable modifications.




  • "Package" refers to the collection of files distributed by the Copyright Holder, and derivatives of that collection of files created through textual modification.
  • "Standard Version" refers to such a Package if it has not been modified, or has been modified in accordance with the wishes of the Copyright Holder.
  • "Copyright Holder" is whoever is named in the copyright or copyrights for the package.
  • "You" is you, if you're thinking about copying or distributing this Package.
  • "Reasonable copying fee" is whatever you can justify on the basis of media cost, duplication charges, time of people involved, and so on. (You will not be required to justify it to the Copyright Holder, but only to the computing community at large as a market that must bear the fee.)
  • "Freely Available" means that no fee is charged for the item itself, though there may be fees involved in handling the item. It also means that recipients of the item may 


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