Version 1.1, November 1, 2002

Copyright (C) 2001-2002

Technical Pursuit Inc.,

All Rights Reserved.


This Preamble is intended to describe, in plain English, the nature,
intent, and scope of this License. However, this Preamble is not a part
of this License. The legal effect of this License is dependent only upon
the terms of the License and not this Preamble.

This License is based on the concept of reciprocity. In exchange for
being granted certain rights under the terms of this License to
Licensor's Software, whose Source Code You have access to, You are
required to reciprocate by providing equal access and rights to all
third parties to the Source Code of any Modifications, Derivative Works,
and Required Components for execution of same (collectively defined as
Extensions) that You Deploy by Deploying Your Extensions under the terms
of this License. In this fashion the available Source Code related to
the original Licensed Software is enlarged for the benefit of everyone.

Under the terms of this License You may:

a. Distribute the Licensed Software exactly as You received it under the
terms of this License either alone or as a component of an aggregate
software distribution containing programs from several different
sources without payment of a royalty or other fee.

b. Use the Licensed Software for any purpose consistent with the rights
granted by this License, but the Licensor is not providing You any
warranty whatsoever, nor is the Licensor accepting any liability in
the event that the Licensed Software doesn't work properly or causes
You any injury or damages.

c. Create Extensions to the Licensed Software consistent with the rights
granted by this License, provided that You make the Source Code to
any Extensions You Deploy available to all third parties under the
terms of this License, document Your Modifications clearly, and title
all Extensions distinctly from the Licensed Software.



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