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EU DataGrid Software License

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Copyright (c) 2001 EU DataGrid. All rights reserved.

This software includes voluntary contributions made to the EU DataGrid. For more information on the EU DataGrid, please see www.eu-datagrid.org.

Installation, use, reproduction, display, modification and redistribution of this software, with or without modification, in source and binary forms, are permitted. Any exercise of rights under this license by you or your sub-licensees is subject to the following conditions:

1. Redistributions of this software, with or without modification, must reproduce the above copyright notice and the above license statement as well as this list of conditions, in the software, the user documentation and any other materials provided with the software.

2. The user documentation, if any, included with a redistribution, must include the following notice:

"This product includes software developed by the EU DataGrid (http://www.eu-datagrid.org/)."

Alternatively, if that is where third-party acknowledgments normally appear, this acknowledgment must be reproduced in the software itself.

3. The names "EDG", "EDG Toolkit", and "EU DataGrid Project" may not be used to endorse or promote software, or products derived

therefrom, except with prior written permission by hep-project-grid-edg-license@cern.ch.

4. You are under no obligation to provide anyone with any bug fixes, patches, upgrades or other modifications, enhancements or derivatives of the features,functionality or performance of this software that you may develop. However, if you publish or distribute your ...

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