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Sublease Agreement

Sublease Agreement

This agreement is made this ____ day of ___________ two thousand and one between:

1)  _________________.,

a private company with limited liability according to the laws of the ___________, having its registered offices (__________) at __________ and its place of business inter alia at ___________________, the ____________ (the Company),


2)  _________________.,

a private company with limited liability according to the laws of the _________, having its place of business inter alia at _______________, the ____________ (the Sublessor),


The Sublessor has rented the office ________________ for a term of 24 month beginning with October 1, 2001. The rent includes office services for the user of the rented office. The Overlease contract between the Sublessor and Regus Amsterdam B.V., Amsterdam (Lessor), is enclosed to this agreement.

The Company wishes to subrent the mentioned office and the included office services, since the Company intents to establish its main office in Rotterdam.

Therefore, the parties agree as follows:

1.       The Sublessor leaves to the Company the following office, rented by him:

Office _______________, including two workstations and full office service according to the enclosed Overlease Contract.

2.       The term of this Sublease Agreement shall commence on _______________ and shall continue as long as the term of the Overlease Contract less one day. The Sublease Agreement can be terminated by each party by giving 3 months�?? notice to the end of a calendar month.


3.1. The Company shall pay a yearly rent of EURO _______ (in words: EURO _______________). For any raise of the above mentioned rent or for additional payments a written agreement of the parties is necessary.

3.2     The payment of this amount covers the rent, the service retainer and the VAT that is due according to the laws of the Netherlands. The payment also covers the following services:

          ________________________              ________________________

          ________________________              ________________________

          ________________________              ________________________

3.3     The Company undertakes to pay the yearly rent to the Sublessor in twelve equal monthly payments of EURO _________ (in words: EURO _______________). Payments shall be paid in advance on the first day of each month during the term.


4.1     The Sublessor undertakes to comply fully with his obligations towards the Lessor according to the terms of the Overlease Contract, especially to pay the rent and additional fees (service retainer) in due time.

4.2     The Sublessor is obliged to indemnify the Company for all expenses caused by the Sublessor being in default with his obligations towards the Lessor according to the terms of the Overlease Contract.

5.       If the Lessor´s consent to this sublease is required, the Sublessor undertakes to request for this consent. As long as a necessary consent is not received, the Company has the right to withhold the payment of the subrent.

6.       This Sublease Agreement can only be modified by a written agreement signed by the parties of this Agreement.

IN WITNESS whereof the parties hereto have executed this Agreement in two original copies on the day and year first written above.

At Rotterdam              At Rotterdam

_______________              ___________________

_________________________________ _____________________________

By: ___________________                        By: ___________________

Title: _______________          Title: _______________

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